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Part of the Federal Agenda for Criminal Justice Reform proposed by members of Congress contains a proposal to incentivize states to reduce their prison populations.

  • Enact the https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/1557/text/is Federal grants help shape criminal justice policy at the state and local levels. For decades these grants have subsidized the growth of incarceration. To reverse that flow, Congress can pass the Reverse Mass Incarceration Act, a bill that has been introduced in two separate congressional sessions. This bill would dedicate $20 billion over 10 years to states that reduce both crime and incarceration, reshaping state and local policy.
  • The Act can be viewed by clicking on the link above.

1. Why do we need this proposal?

2. What are the ethical issues involved in this proposal?

3. Are there ways to amend the proposal to make it more ethical?


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