“devil’s advocate” paper on ‘does god exist?’

Need a 3 page paper using the following outline as a guide:


TOPIC The Existence of God

Thesis (Your own position):  I consider myself to be agnostic, which means that I neither believe nor disbelieve in the existence of God. Whenever something good happens that is hard to explain or there is no explanation for, people are quick to say it is God’s work. I find myself wanting to be live in God, but because I have a more scientific mind, I need proof/evidence before I can believe.

Reason 1:  There is no tangible proof that God exists. We are just to go on faith that there is a God. Throughout history, people have believed in God based purely on hearsay. They believe someone else who said that God has spoken to them. 

Reason 2: If God is all knowing, all powerful, and good, then how is it that there is so much suffering and disease in this world? How is it that children and good people are stricken with cancer and bad people are left disease free to commit such horrendous crimes as pedophilia and murder? It is very hard to believe in a God that would allow good people and innocent children to be stricken in such ways.

Objection (Devil’s Advocate):  People who believe are quick to use the Bible as proof that God exists.  The Bible, in their opinion, is the “Holy Word”, directed to man by God to be written. 

Response to the Objection: The Bible is a book written by man of stories told by other men throughout many generations.  These men claim to have heard God’s voice speak to them. For all we know, these men could have suffered from some sort of mental illness, such as schizophrenia. 


Must supply solid resources to back up each side of the argument.

Grading Rubric attached in pdf file format.

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