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Assessment item 3 – Design Phase

Value: 19%

Due Date: 23-Jan-2020

Length: 2000 words

Submission method options: Alternative submission method


In the third phase of the project, you need to perform following design activities in

continuation of the analysis activities from assignment 2.

1. Design the system architecture, describing the important hardware and software

components (servers, clients etc.) and their role. Justify your design decisions that

involve a choice of technology or choice of software components. It is strongly

recommended to draw one or more architecture diagrams to better illustrate your


2. Choose two distinct use cases and draw their user interface mockups in the form

of storyboards. You should conform the principles of good UI design as taught in the

subject. Storyboard diagrams should have sufficient details and annotations to give a

clear idea of proposed design.

3. Perform use case realization for two most important use cases from the case

study. Choose two important use cases for the system (from assignment 2) and

elaborate them using interaction diagrams (i.e. sequence diagrams or communication


Maximum word count is 2000, excluding the diagrams.


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

• be able to create analysis and design diagrams with UML notation.

• be able to compare the syntax, semantics and pragmatics of UML to determine the

best diagrams for the problem domain.

• be able to model various aspects of systems to construct quality diagrams for use in a

system development project.


Assignment should be submitted as a single Word document.

Diagrams can be created using any UML and general drawing tools. All diagrams need to be

included in the report, with a caption and figure number. If needed, use landscape pages for

large diagrams. Hand-drawn diagrams will not be accepted.


Correct referencing is important for your assignment. Use APA6 for referencing.

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