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Please refer to the attached document for further details.


You will be curating a small exhibition of artworks that are conceptually related. You will write at least a 500-word curatorial essay/statement explaining your research and exhibition.

1. The essay should be at least 500 words, double-spaced, MLA format.

2. The initial paragraph should establish the overall premise of the exhibit, the main theme or concept the show.

3. The middle paragraphs should describe detailed aspects about 4 of the 10 artworks. Describe what they have in common and how they each illustrate the overall theme of the show.

4. In the final paragraph, suggest the wider significance of your theme. Describe what you learned from putting the show together and/or what you hope the viewer takes away from the exhibit.

5. As with any persuasive essay, think about your audience and any counter-arguments or opinions to your ideas and address one of them in some way.

6. Include within your document a page or two with images of all 10 of the artworks in the exhibit. For each image, include the artwork’s title, artist name or culture, media, and year of execution.

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