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Assignment 7 – Critical Article Summary III – due 10/29/17, 12PM, EST

For this assignment, you will use the article read this week by Kevin Fallon’s article, “Why We Binge-Watch Television”

Access and read the article, highlighting the main point and main points of the article. Print it out if necessary, but make sure to read the entire article very carefully.  

What you will hand in: Then, in a paragraph (200-250) words, you will summarize the article, providing a one line cited quote from the article, and a MLA Works Cited (or References page if using APA format) page (separate, last page): formatting should adhere to course formatting guidelines (as outlined on the syllabus). Feel free to use the tips sheet in the Week 3 folder for help with citation.

Remember (grading key): 

  • To cite the one line quote, using quotes around the phrase and proper citation
  • To provide a Works Cited/References page as its own page, according to MLA formatting guidelines
  • To proofread and meet formatting expectations from the syllabus
  • To meet word count
  • To avoid first person point of view
  • To keep it as one single paragraph
  • To have a topic sentence (that states the author’s name, the article title, and the main point of the article) sand a concluding sentence (that wraps the summary up)
  • To use transitions between shifts in supporting points
  • To have at least three major points that explain the main supporting points from the article
  • To proofread the work so there is no/minimal sentence grammar and punctuation errors
  • To remain objective: it’s not how you feel about the article; it’s what the article says, so think like a reporter

Remember that a summary is objective. It’s not how you feel about the critical article: it’s a report of what it says. 

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