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Course Learning Assessment #1

CLO #1- Describe how goals, constraints, incentives, and market rivalry affect economic decisions.

CLO #3 – Evaluate alternative ways of measuring the productivity of inputs and the role of the manager in the production process.

CLO #5 – Investigate the conditions under which a firm operates as perfectly competitive, monopolistically competitive, or a monopoly.

Step 1

Turn to page 473 in your textbook and read the introduction to Case:  Spectrum—the Spawn of Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications—Navigates Challenges from Cord Cutting and Mobile Competition. Then, read the Background (page 475- 491). When you reach Memos, read through the memos and use the attachments available online at

Step 2

Select six (6) memos to respond to, providing the information requested in each within a single document. Your document must be exactly six (6) pages long, one page for each memo. Each page must be in memo format. When responding to the six memos you selected, be sure to identify which memos you are responding to throughout your document.

6 Article References

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