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 Restructure a child care center into a center that practices continuity of care.  With continuity of care, children have the same teacher for at least three years before getting a new teacher.  Here are the steps for assignment #2.

1.     Draw a map of your center.  

Include these elements:

·       How many classrooms are in the center?

·       How many teachers are in each classroom?  Provide job titles for each (example, lead teacher, assistant teacher, co-teacher)

·       How many children are in each classroom?  Provide age ranges of children.

·       Show how children remain with the same teacher or teachers for at least three years before moving to a classroom with a new teacher or teachers.

·       What other spaces are available? – for example, director’s office, kitchen, break room, supply closets, entry way space, outdoor learning environments, and other spaces.

2.     Provide a written narrative to explain your map.

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