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Following the press release by VITA [access it here Links to an external site.], you have been retained as a consultant by the office of the Commonwealth of Virginia Secretary of State for Technology. You are tasked with the following:

1) Assess if the VITA Northrup Grumman outsourcing was unsuccessful, moderately successful, successful, or highly successful. Depending on what your assessment is, what could have been done to take the project to the next level (i.e., if you think the project was moderately successful, what could have been done to make it successful or highly successful?  [HINT: Read Chapters 2 and 3 and read the notes available in Canvas]
2) What should VITA do over the next ten years (2018-2028)? Draw up a strategic plan for the organization.

Prepare a 5-7 page report (APA style, double space). The designated group leader should upload the assignment. No email submissions will be accepted.

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