Computerization of health records) a health care issue that has been

Computerization of Health Records) A health care issue that has been in the news lately is the computerization of health records. This possibility is being approached cautiously because of sensitive privacy and security concerns, among others. [We address such concerns in later exercises.] Computerizing health records could make it easier for patients to share their health profiles and histories among their various health care professionals. This could improve the quality of health care, help avoid drug conflicts and erroneous drug prescriptions, reduce costs and in emergencies, could save lives. In this exercise, you’ll design a “starter” HealthProfile class for a person. The class attributes should include the person’s first name, last name, gender, date of birth (consisting of separate attributes for the month, day and year of birth), height (in inches) and weight (in pounds). Your class should have a constructor that receives this data. For each attribute, provide set and get functions. The class also should include functions that calculate and return the user’s age in years, maximum heart rate and target-heart-rate range (see Exercise 3.16), and body mass index (BMI; see Exercise 2.30). Write an application that prompts for the person’s information, instantiates an object of class HealthProfile for that person and prints the information from that object—including the person’s first name, last name, gender, date of birth, height and weight—then calculates and prints the person’s age in years, BMI, maximum heart rate and target-heart-rate range. It should also display the “BMI values” chart from Exercise 2.30. Use the same technique as Exercise 3.16 to calculate the person’s age.


Additional Assignment Directions: To help you get started I am providing the below Project for you to start with. Study how the class is created. There is included code for the first name and the creation of a HealthProfile object with that first name. I am expecting to see a HealthProfile.h class file. Your job is to finish the code following the assignment directions. If you turn in the start code without your additional required code you will receive 0 points. Again, you do not have to include the BMI index.

You also want to review the textbook supplied solutions for exercises 3.13 and 3.15 before your start coding. That code is available on the student textbook website. Pay attention to not only the code but the solution logic.

Project start code: Exercise 3.17

I suggest you start very simply on this project. Begin by dealing with your main variables and the entry of that data. Then move on to your class variables and your class constructor. Your class constructor should receive the user entered data. Then move on to your set and get functions. Always be sure your code compiles with out errors. If you have a problem with completing any of the required code decide if you can leave that code out and still be able to finish as much of the assignment requirements as possible.

I will be looking for a constructor that passes your user variables when you instantiate an object of your class. ONLY instantiate one object not multiples for that is wrong!
// Exercise 3.17 Solution: ex03_17.cpp
// Driver program for HealthProfile class
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include “HealthProfile.h”
using namespace std;

int main()
string first; // first name

// get user input
cout << “Please enter first name:n”;
cin >> first;

// create a HealthProfile object
HealthProfile profile( first );

} // end main

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