Christian heritage exam 1 | REL1350 | Baylor University

Which early Christian thinker rejected the Old Testament, focusing on the Gospel of Luke and letters of Paul instead?

Odium humani generis, a frequent charge against Christians, means

The earliest surviving list of the new testament books that most Christians recognize today comes from a letter written by athanasius of Alexandria in 367 CE

In Pliny’s letter to Trajan, the two deacons he arrested were…

Which of these was NOT a major point of interest/concern for early Christians?

This great church in Constantinople was once considered the greatest of all churches in the world

Athanasius believed that the father was completely unbegotten while the son was eternally begotten from the Father. 

 Which movement claimed a new revelation from the Holy Spirit and included prominent female prophetesses?

 What significant discovery was made at Nag Hammadi in the middle of the twentieth century?

Please explain the meaning of homoousious. Explain why this term is important. Explain key persons involved in this debate.

 Please define the word Apology. Discuss one important apologist. Discuss why apologists wrote.

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