Chapter 2 article. | Accounting homework help

 1. Find an article in one of the resources listed on the syllabus (Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Economist, Financial Times) or other similar periodicals that relates to the chapter. It needs to be a recent article (no older than May 2019).

 2. Underline your subject key term that is discussed in your selected article.

3. Summarize the article and list its association to specific chapter material or concepts in your textbook. 

4.State the reason(s) for your selection. * Provide a definition for the specific concept discussed in your selected article. For example, if the article discusses factoring you should include its definition: factoring is the act of selling a company’s receivables at a discount to a factor.

5. List some important points or lessons learned from this article.

 * Provide a full copy (links are not acceptable) 

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