Case analysis for international business

Do not use outside research or go beyond the timeframe of the assigned case. The effective use of graphs and tables that are embedded in the report or in appendices and explained in the body of the report is recommended. A combination of sentences and bullets is acceptable. 

Full case reports will be a maximum seven (7) pages for the body (not including the title page), including up to two (2) pages of EXCEL or other analysis. Format is single-spaced with 1-inch margins in a 12-point font. Key highlights from the appendices, tables or graphs need to be identified and explained in the report text.


Please find the attachment that is the case, and case analysis should include:

1.Key Issue(s): Concise identification of main issue(s)

2. analysis§  External (use porter’s five force analysis) + internal overview (use VRINE analysis)






§  Correct use of strategy concepts + frameworks


§  Use of qualitative + quantitative data, including financial analysis of firm1


§  Insightful evidence-based development and evaluation vs. repetition of case details

      • Effective summation of external +internal analysis

3. criteria and option & recomendations:

§Identification + use of suitable decision criteria to rank options







§Development of practical options in relation to identified issue(s) + prior analysis

      • Qualitative + financial evaluation and comparison of options         

4. recommendations: 

      • Justification and Integration of recommendations 

5. implementation:

 §Detailed + practical action to put recommendations in place (both short & long-run)

§Timeline of sequence of actions, e.g. Gantt chart

§Controls + timeline to measure if plan is on track




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