Capstone research paper and power point presentation for the project:

Project: Handwriting Recognition.

Total 20 Pages

Cover page 

Reference list page (Total 10 References)

Literature review page (10 Pages)

Eight pages about the project. (This can include the screen print, figures/tables, code, etc.)

Total cover page + Literature review + project details + Reference list (1 + 10 + 8 + 1): Total 20 Pages 

APA format: 12-point font: Time New Roman: Double spaced: in-text citations required. 

Project Presentation PPT:

15 Slides are needed.


Research paper due- 10th April 2023 by 10 PM CST

PPT due on 13th April 2023 by 10 PM CST


I am attaching the two sample research papers in APA format and also the proposal of the project for your reference.

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