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Article: Sourcing and Inbound Logisitcs (attached)

Review the preselected Supply Chain Management Concept Articles to analyze and show how the concepts discussed in the article are applied in industry today. One of the most important knowledge transformation skills is the ability to transform conceptual knowledge into practical application. This assignment will help students to develop this skill as he/she will review relevant supply chain management concepts outlined in the article and then discuss how they are employed. The deliverable for this assignment will consist of 3-4 letter-sized (8 ½” x 11”) pgs., 1.5 line spacing, type-written pages using 10-12 pt. font. Each assignment will need to have a cover page listing the name of the article, its author, publication date, journal, chapter, student’s name, and date. The main text of the paper should discuss and apply supply chain management learnings from the article to one selected industry and focus company within that industry utilizing supporting information from professional or company managed sources. Key SCM application topics include how learnings from the article might impact future decision making on structure, staffing, network design, inventory management, cost structure, sustainability, sourcing, partnerships, the competitive landscape or an increase/decrease in business risk. 

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