Business mangement liability scenario paper | LEG 500 – Law, Ethics, and Corporate Governance | Strayer University


Write a 1-2 page paper. Paper should be typed, double-spaced using Times New Roman (font size 12-point) with 1-inch margins on all sides

No Cover Page is require for this assignment. Please include your name, professor’s name, Title of the paper and the date of submission of the assignment. 

Please provide references on a Reference Page that includes two reputable sources.

Remember all papers must follow Strayer Writing Standards, not APA for citing sources in the text of the paper and on the Reference Page. See the link in BB titled, “Strayer Writing Standards.” Failure to cite sources amounts to plagiarism and will not be acceptable in this class.

This is a resource – you are not required to answer all these questions but your answers should reflect an understanding of all these questions.

1. Pursuant to contract law, is the waiver of liability legal and do Brian’s verbal assurances become part of the contract? Why or why not?  

· Foundation comes from reading Chapters 11, 12 – Jennings, Marianne. (2018). Business: Its’ Legal, Ethical and Global Environment (11th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning. 

· Explain contract law and contract formation with required elements

· What is a waiver of liability and what makes it valid?

· Can a contract be verbal or is it required in writing?

· Can what someone says override the contract terms or, become part of a contract?

· When can liability be waived?

2. Does Peta have a product liability case against the mower manufacturer Ferrari for a design defect, manufacturing defect, or failure-to-warn defect?  

· Foundation comes from reading Chapter 13 of textbook. 

· Explain product liability and the causes of action.

· When is a manufacturer liable for their product and when are they not?

3. Does Lori have a claim for her injuries and can she recover pain and suffering damages or worker’s compensation?  

· Foundation comes from reading Chapter 13 of textbook and, research on state worker’s compensation laws. 

· What is worker’s compensation and when is it available to employees?

· What is the law as to worker’s compensation? 

· How does worker’s compensation differ from suing in court?

· Explain damages and what is available to recover for product liability?

Use at least two (2) quality resources in this assignment. 

· Quality resources are course textbook, published books, academic journal articles, expert reports and case law. 

· Wikipedia is not accepted

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