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  1. Choose 5 DIFFERENT CASE STUDIES. The case studies that I choose are
    1. Oracle versus PeopleSoft Barbarians in the Valley
    2. Nestle and Advertising An Ethical Analysis 
    3. Hellish workday of an Amazon 
    4. Gender inequality at work starts with entry 
    5. Challenger disaster 

However, I provided 7 case study in the folder, so there are two extra, if you find one case studies that hard to related to the theory, you can replace by another one. 

  1. You are to analyze ALL 5 of the case studies using ONLY ONE of the following ethical theories: Kantian Deontology, Utilitarianism, Nozick’s theory, virtue ethics, Rawls’ theory, or Marxism.
  2. Make sure you provide a paragraph that accurately describes the theory you will be using.
  3. Make sure you describe the case study before you apply the theory.
  4. Provide a general assessment of the paper.
  5. Avoid using phrases like: “In my opinion,” “I believe,” “Ethics is difficult and not certain, so it is hard to tell if this ethical theory is right or not.” This is an ETHICS course, so don’t do or say anything in your ETHICS PAPER that would undermine ethics as a discipline. Further, you are making an ARGUMENT in this paper, as such there is no room for “personal opinions” or “feelings.” Just turn those opinions and feelings into statements of fact.
  6. This paper should be no less than 8 full pages and no more than 10. This papers should be well written, typed, doubled spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman (Or equivalent font). No cover sheet needed. Include proper citation.
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