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Global productions and operations


Each question should be ~ ½ to ¾ page (typed) response single spaced.  Direct copying of the text, websites, or other sources is not acceptable.   Put your name on each page of your exam.


There are 10 questions on the exam.  Question 1 – 7 are worth 8 points. Questions 8 and 9 are worth 22 points each.


1.    Explain the concept of total quality management – in your response detail the views of one major thought leader of quality.   Why is this concept still applicable in operations management?


2.    Link two of the traits of quality to operations – provide an example to support your points.


3.    Explain the concept of QFD (Quality Function Deployment).  What are some of the advantages of using this concept in operations environment?


4.    Briefly describe the concepts of common cause and assignable cause variation.  How do control charts help with the identification of the common and assignable cause variation?


5.    Explain the difference between Cp and Cpk.  Explain how the same process can have an acceptable Cp, but not an acceptable Cpk?


6.    Explain the process of creating control charts – and the considerations needed when making decisions based on control chart information.


7.    With respect to the cost of poor performance and quality, briefly explain the concepts of prevention, appraisal, internal failure, and external failure costs.  How could a firm utilize these cost categories to implement to drive a lean manufacturing / service strategy?


8.    Explain the IS – IS NOT process, the cause and effect process and the contradiction diagram process.   How would you manage the implementation of this process? Draw all three diagrams to support your answer.


9.    Provide an example of a SWEATT diagram for a process of your choice – include two elements in each SWEATT category.



Write one page for question 8 and 9. Remaining 7 questions in 3 pages.

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