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Learning Ethical Processes and Requirements

Imagine you are reviewing studies for Institutional Review Board  (IRB) ethical processes and procedures. Review the five research  proposal synopses given below and decide whether to approve or reject  the submission based on ethical research practices and standards. In  addition to making a determination of approval or no approval, use  appropriate sources to support your decision.

Write your response to each proposal in no more than 100 words, for a total of 500 words for the assignment.

  • Research Proposal Summary 1: A  learner has identified that stakeholders of publicly traded  corporations do not understand that the relationship between firms’  return on equity, annual revenue, and CEOs’ compensation is a business  problem requiring a research response. Using archival data from  financial records of publicly traded companies located in North America,  she proposes a quantitative, correlational study to examine the  relationship between these variables. Because the information is  available online, the learner contends that neither organizational nor  site permission is needed to conduct the research study. Should the  learner’s proposal be approved? Why or why not?
  • Research Proposal Summary 2:  The learner, whose field of specialization is business intelligence,  posits that a business problem exists at her organization—finding  qualified personnel for scientific-based projects and jobs. The learner  submits a proposal to conduct research wherein she seeks to utilize a  qualitative exploratory case study of her organization, which she  specifically identifies by name. Should the learner’s proposal be  approved? Why or why not?
  • Research Proposal Summary 3:  Citing a peer-reviewed resource, a learner claims a business problem is  that company leaders do not fully appreciate the importance of adopting  green building technologies as a means of cost savings. She proposes a  quantitative, quasi-experimental study to examine the energy usage in an  office building located in the western United States, both before and  after the installation of green technologies. While preparing her  proposal, she obtains an e-mail from the building’s manager granting  approval to study data obtained from the site before and after the  installation of the technologies. Should her proposal be approved? Why  or why not?
  • Research Proposal Summary 4:  The learner submits a proposal stating he will keep all participant data  obtained or generated during his study on an encrypted USB drive. The  USB drive will then be stored in a safety deposit box for 5 years  following completion of the study. At the end of the 5-year period, the  learner states he will destroy the data on the drive, in accordance with  Department of Defense directives. Should the learner’s proposal be  approved? Why or why not?
  • Research Proposal Summary 5:  The learner, whose specialization is human resource management, cites  peer-reviewed sources, identifying a business problem existing with  managers lacking an understanding of leadership strategies that increase  employee job performance and satisfaction. As part of this qualitative  study proposal, the learner presents a copy of a flyer he wants to  distribute in an effort to recruit employees to participate in private  interviews. He includes a copy of the informed consent on the back of  the flyer to help individuals understand what he is asking them to do.  Should the learner’s proposal be approved? Why or why not?
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