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1. Read the “You Make the Ethical Call” segment, Executive Compensation, (p.18) in your textbook and answer the questions at the end of the article.

List your answers in one post on the Discussion Board. Each answer should be one or two paragraphs in length and grammatically sound. Then respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. Your comments should lead to an open and constructive dialogue.

Do executives deserve to make 200 times as much as the average worker?
Is it ethical for managers to take large pay increases while laying off employees?
Are companies being socially responsible when paying executives premium compensation?

2. Read and view the case study video at the end of the chapter, Leadership at P.F. Chang’s (p. 29).

Answer the two video case study questions for this assignment. Use an MS Word document with your name, the module number, and title of the assignment on the page. Your answers must be 300-500 words in length, in paragraph form, grammatically sound, and free of spelling errors.

ick Federico is chairman and CEO of P.F. Chang’s,
which owns and operates a chain of Asian restaurants
across the country. During the time he has been head
of the company, Federico has taken on the huge tasks of
taking the company public and launching Pei Wei, the
firm’s chain of diners. In addition, he has developed management teams and laid out clear expectations for his employees. He has earned the respect of his managers, his workers,
his customers, and even his competitors.
Rick Federico knows the restaurant industry. He began his
career as a dishwasher for a steak house and worked his way
up the management chain. So he understands everyone’s
job, from busboy to chef to manager. Federico expects
results from every team, manager, and worker. But he
expects no less from himself. He believes his greatest tasks
as a leader involve remaining focused on his customers, his
workers, and the food they serve. As P.F. Chang’s grows Federico wants to be sure that the quality of service, atmosphere, and food are always at their highest.

Describe some of Rick Federico’s personal leadership
2. Choose three of the leadership managerial roles and
explain how Rick Federico might use them as head of
P.F. Chang’s.

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