Assignment 5 it510 | Computer Science homework help


Using the case study Campus Bikes, complete the Homework Activity. Using a Word document, students will answer four prompts based on the case. 

Answer the following prompts via a Word document: 

1. List possible objects in the new bike shop system, including their attributes and methods. 

2. Identify at least three possible use cases and two actors. 

3. Create a use case diagram that shows how service requests are handled. 

4. Create a state transition diagram that describes typical customer states and how they change based on specific actions and events. 

                      Rubric Guidelines for Submission:

Homework Activity Module Five should follow these formatting guidelines: 1–2 pages, double-spacing, includes identification of 3 objects, 2–3 methods and attributes, 3 use cases and 2 actors for each of the objects in the new bike shop’s system, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and APA citations.

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