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I need your assistance with turning the answers i came up with for this template into a paper.

These are my professor’s notes:

The template is a guide able to help you address the issues raised by the questions of the assignment. You should submit a separate Word document with your responses in paragraph format following the APA guidelines with proper citations using Times New Roman double spaces, cover page, reference page, etc.. Please do not just fill in the blank boxes of the template with your responses as this will not allow you to follow the proper guidelines for writing assignments.

(i have attached a copy of the template for which i answered the following)

These were my answers:

Step 1


I appears to me that the Alikay Naturals Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo is in the Maturity product life cycle because they have been able to accurately predict how long the product will sit on the store shelves before they are purchased, they have a good understanding of how much it cost to make their product and it’s sales have begun to flatten.

3 questions

What adjustments are your priority as a result of your most recent customer survey?
What is your most effective strategy when it comes to customer retention?
Have you considered a Men’s product line?

Step 2

As i user of Black Soap in it’s raw form- i know that although it is very beneficial it tends to also be extremely drying to the skin. Have you considered the addition of an ingredient such as Shea Butter to counteract the dryness.

Step 3

Coconut Protein Shampoo and Conditioner

If i could recommend that they create one new product i would go with the Coconut Protein Shampoo and Conditioner. As i user of Black Soap in it’s raw form- i know that although it is very beneficial it tends to also be extremely drying to the skin. When it comes to hair- Moisture is paramount in order to prevent breakage and promote growth as well as length.


I chose this type of innovation because as i indicated before- i know Black Soap to be very drying to skin and hair. So unless Alikay doubles down on the moisture factor in it’s current product then it might be time to go in a different direction. The properties of Coconut Oil have been nothing short of Amazing when it comes to moisturizing and improving the quality in both hair and skin.

Step 4

I believe that Alikay is using the Time-Based production method for the Black Soap Shampoo because it seems that they are focused on creating and delivering products as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

If Alikay chose to keep the Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo and launch my recommended product as a limited time on trial offer i would propose utilizing the Job production because this approach is flexible and it can be changed.

Stage 5

I have used the solid form of Shea Butter that is sold at Walmart for years now. Although i enjoy the benefits and improvement that i see in my skin and hair i would like to see some improvement to the the texture of the product itself. It comes in a plastic tub and it is very hard to scoop out because it is almost in a solid form. I would like to see an aerated version of the same product so that it would be softer and easier to manage.

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