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APPLICATIONS:At the end of each Chapter there are two short Applicationscases. For each Chapter choose one and complete according to your interests, knowledge base, or according to the one you feel will be the best learning experience.  Complete the preparation of discussion questions included at the end of that case in writing the week that the chapter is due, but do not turn in until the date noted belowon the Course Calendarin the Syllabus.   Each of the 14 Applicationsis worth 5 points to a total possible maximum of 70 points.


Applications for Chapters  1 through 10 –  Document 1 

 Applications for Chapters 11 through 14 –  Document 2  

  • Submit the Applications for Chapters 1 through 10 together in the first Document (Applications Document 1)on the date noted in the Course Calendar below.
  • Submit the Applications for Chapters 11 through 14 together in the second Document  (Applications Document 2)on the date noted in the Course Calendar below.

Place the Applications in order of the Chapters with your name and last four numbers of your FIU  ID.  (For example, the name of the document for the first set of applications should read…

“Apps. Doc. 1 for Chs. 1-10, Name (last), First, & last. four digits of the student ID).”

Each chapter has two applications. You chose one of the two and answer what it’s asking you.


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