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This assignment is an annotated list of the proposed sources for your research paper. Some of your sources may change, but by the time the annotated bibliography is submitted, you should be very close to having at least the three (3) required sources for your paper.

The goal of the annotated bibliography is to present your sources to the instructor for feedback.

Your assignment is to:

1. Choose three (3) sources related to your topic for Essay #2. Part of the goal of this assignment is to help you practice research, and having multiple sources at the start will help you narrow down to the one you intend to use for Essay 2. 

2. Cite each source appropriately according to MLA formatting. Be sure to review your handbook, OWL, and the course slideshows on citing sources. Each source must be cited appropriately for its type (article in print or online, etc.).

3. Annotate your citations. Read the sources that you select. Think about how each one “fits” with (or doesn’t fit with) the article from TS/IS. Think about what each source adds to an understanding of the topic. Gather this information into a brief annotation (4-6 sentences) that you use to explain what the research shows (this is summary practice) and how useful you think this source will be for Essay 2. 

Your grade will be based on:

1. The sources you select: are they from reputable sources?  Do they relate to your proposed topic?

2. Your citations. Are your citations formatted correctly? Do you include all necessary information?

3. Your annotations. Do you address the what the article is about, why the resource is included and what it will (or perhaps won’t) add to your paper? Are your annotations too brief or lacking in relevant detail?

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