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Analyzing Adverse Impact at Super Foods!

Unit Learning Outcomes

· Implement requirements of staffing system under employment laws. (1)

· Examine validation requirements for disparate impact. (1 & 2)


Read Chapter 3: Exercise 1. Strategy: Analyzing Adverse Impact. Mary was recently hired as an HR generalist at Super Foods, an organic grocery chain. One of her first assignments is to review the store’s data on its cashiers to identify if its hiring and promotion practices have had an adverse (disparate) impact on men or women. Mary generated the following reports (see 3 tables Chapter Exercises: Strategy: Analyzing Adverse Impact), from the company’s employee database to use in her analyses. Address what the data from each table tells Mary.

Use this information to determine whether there is evidence of sex discrimination for cashiers. Write a brief report explaining why there is or is not adverse impact. If there is, try to identify what might be happening and suggest ways the firm can reduce it.

Must include:

· Minimum 3 pages

· Minimum 2 scholarly outside sources, or professional periodicals, e.g. Harvard Business Review published within the last two years.

· APA format

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