Analytics in software development project management

Write a 1–2 page executive summary that describes the synergy between software development cycles and data analytics, and why data analytics should be applied to a software development life cycle. In this assignment, you will describe a software that needs to be developed, a software development life cycle, and a rationale for the application of data analytics to software development. To complete this assignment, follow these steps:

Use the assignment template to write your executive summary.

Select a type of software that needs to be developed.

Select a software development life cycle to apply to develop the software.

Provide a rationale and recommendation for the application of data analytics to the selected software development life cycle.

Address these questions in your executive summary:

What were the defining points for the application of data analytics to the software development?

What were the reasons? 

How does data analytics help a project manager visualize and interpret the software development life cycle successfully?

Where will the use of data analytics take software development in the future?

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