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The Cow Jumped Over the Moon [5:38]

Drought in the Sahel region of the Sahara Desert has placed many farmers and herdsmen in a precarious position, competing for fewer and fewer areas of arable land. This film explores how satellite technology, which is used to monitor geopolitical issues, can also help cattle-keeping people of North Africa find pastureland for their livestock when their traditional techniques fall short.

After watching the video clip, answer the following questions:

  1. What are some typical uses of satellite imaging technology? From mapping applications to weather sites, how often do you interact with satellite imaging? How do you think our access to that data has changed the way we see the world?
  2. In the film, there is an implication that the data used by developing countries may one day come at a price. How likely is it that the cattle ranchers you see in the film will be able to afford the data they have come to depend on? Do you see any issues of power involved here?
  3. How are the cultural practices of one society affecting another in this dynamic? Is it an exchange of information, or does the influence flow in only one direction? What are some of the future implications of that dynamic?

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