Adolescent suicide based on the instructions below.

adolescent suicide based on the instructions below.


  1. Assume you are a counselor of adolescents and you have been asked to prepare a guidebook that addresses adolescent suicide and how to prevent it. Use material in your text, material under the learning resources for this module, and at least one outside resource to complete this written assignment.
  2. A five pages, double-spaced, including a title page and reference page:
    1. Introduction – Introduce the topic of adolescent suicide and include some statistical information in your introduction. 
    2. Discuss some of the risk factors, warning signs, and causes of adolescent suicide.
    3. Conclusion and Prevention Strategies – Conclude by addressing strategies by schools, parents, and others to prevent adolescent suicide.
    4. Reference Page – At a minimum, your reference page must include your text and one outside, quality resource, which does not include Wikipedia or Use APA formatting to cite your resources.
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