A closer look at microaggressions

I have attached the chart and questions in the attachment below which is what need to be filled in.

A Closer Look at Microaggressions

(h/t http://breakingprejudice.org/teaching/group-activities/microaggression-activity/)

Review the definition of microaggressions that is noted in your textbook. Then, complete this assignment. 

Below, there are 2 columns. Column A contains fairly commonly-heard statements. Column B contains ways in which those statements might be perceived as microaggressions. Read each statement in Column A. Think critically about how a person could interpret the statements in Column A as a “put down.” 

Step One: Draw a line connecting the statement in Column A to what you believe is the best possible interpretation from Column B. After you have finished matching the statements with the interpretations, rewrite the statements so that they do not contain a hidden or negative message. For example, the statement “How long have you been in this country?” implies that the speaker believes the person was born in another country. A neutral wording of the statement might be “Where did you grow up?” or “How long have you lived in this town?” After you have rewritten the statements, answer the questions below. 

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