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The international organizations working for the rights of developed and developing countries always want to have a peaceful environment among the developed and underdeveloped countries. There is an unequal distribution of wealth among the developed and underdeveloped countries, so the members of UNESCO and UNICEF decided to put forward some of the suggestions to improve the economic condition of underdeveloped countries. The set of recommendations empowering the South or underdeveloped countries in 1974 is known as the new international economic order. It is a type of order issued to improve the trade of goods, the taxation system, the imports and exports among the countries. Political discrimination is to be ignored by the implementation of this new order, so it is said that all the nations will follow this order. All the countries will move in a direction to take the developing countries out of the poor economic conditions.

The campaign of new international economic failed because there was a lack of political will, and there are various countries that did not support the order. There is a border of distinction between developed and underdeveloped countries and despite the suggestion by many members; there are others who do not want to promote the trade relations with South. A lot of efforts were made to make the campaign successful and to implement the order, but it was poorly failed. The causes of failure include the discontent of many of the countries. As the new ruling allows having equal economic development among all the states, but the developed countries wanted to have better options, and they want to maintain and enhance their financial growth. They were frustrated with the system proposed by international organizations. The general assembly of the United Nations had a lot of sessions with the member countries to implement the suggestions and issue the new international economic order. Still, the attempts got failed.

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Rafael New Economic order

I believe that assessing whether , the “New Economic Order” failed or succeeded depends from which point of view you look at it. I believe, that the New Economic Order, was good in its intentions and message it wanted to send to the larger powers, however due to the influence from larger powers and the interdependence from developing countries, change will prove to be difficult. However, this order proved to be successful, in the form that it led to the creation of the UN Development Programme, “which works in nearly 170 countries and territories helping to eradicate poverty and reduce inequality and exclusion”. Furthermore as the book mentions, “(UNICTAD) is also responsible for dealing with development, particularly international trade”

     So looking at these two programmes that have come about since the new economic order, theres is now more protection for developing countries and they are working towards better trade deals and equity. This is why i believe that ultimately, the creation of these systems where set into motion from the New Economic Order, henceforth making successful in its goal of addressing poverty and slow the pace of economic development in the south”. However, i don’t believe it was successful in slowing development in the south, but managing it into a system that is more fair and just, helping to protect developing countries.

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Absalom Stroman international order

The campaign failed because it did not allow certain people to do what they pleased. So, they went tried to go against the people that were not on board with their idea of what should happen and not follow the new way they proposed. So, these things made it difficult for people to choose which way they should go or whom should they follow. These things might have followed the wars that happened between the two fightings, but they wanted to make things easier for people to do things their selves without the help of the government or higher people in the country. So, the country was under some extreme circumstances, but this made it worst with the people that were upper there in life had to make sure things were straight. So, they had to make so changes in the way they get or buy things from other countries because they have some expensive taxes. So, the United States makes it known that they will no longer associate with whomever we see that not the most reliable or trustworthy. So, that means a lot of the stuff we have now then would never be here now. The banks even had a hard time operating because they need things the was restricted in the order

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