2.3 guided reading questions: writing es.says about literature

 Must do in text citation from the textbook for each question, each question’s answer can be found in the textbook. No plagiarism copying stuffs from another students online answers.   


For this first Guided Reading Questions assignment, please read “Research about Social and Historical Contexts,” pp. 55-67 in our Writing Es.says about Literature text. The following review questions tie directly to the assigned reading.

1. How can we narrow the social context of a work of literature to useful topics?

2. How can biographies be useful in identifying contexts that are relevant to the study of literature?

3. What is the biographical fallacy?

4. Why do we read a lot more than we can use when we are doing research?

5. How many times do you think you would read “This is just to Say” if you were writing an es.say about it? Why do we reread so often in literary studies?

For each question, please answer with a strong paragraph, drawing examples (meaning quotes) from the assigned reading where appropriate. I’m interested in seeing that you have read the chapter and absorbed the information so that you can now put the ideas in the reading into your own words.

Good rules of thumb for guided reading questions:

  • Do your best.
  • Show me you’re trying.
  • Make a sincere effort.

If you do this, you’ll get full points.

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