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The instructions are below. I already picked 3 of the topics and the articles that go along with them. They are attached. Plase ready the instructions thoroughly. You do NOT need a cover page. It only needs to be around a page. If it goes over, that is fine too.


This week we are thinking about the ways that social identity categories like race, class, gender identity, and sexuality interact with language and forms of communication.   


I Picked 3 of the Week 7 readings and do the following (The chosen topics are attached)

Begin by describing an overarching theme which connects the reading that I chose and how they connect to the other themes and readings of our course.  How is anthropological discussion of these issues different than how you’ve considered it before?

Then answer the following prompts:

Please use all of these questions as subheaders for this article. Thank you.

·         How do the issues raised in your chosen articles engage with ideas of social categories and cultural identities?

·         How do power and authority play into the choices of people or communities in this area?

·         How does language, terminology, or description get used? By whom?

 Please use specific references to the texts you’re commenting on in your post


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