1) discuss the following concepts and give examples from

1)      Discuss the following concepts and give examples from everyday life in which you might encounter each concept. Hint: For instance, consider the experiment of arriving for class. Some possible outcomes are not arriving (missing class), arriving on time, and arriving late.

a)      Sample space

b)      Probability assignment to a sample space. In your discussion, be sure to include answers to the following questions. i.Is there more than one valid way to assign probabilities to a sample space. Explain and give an example. ii.How can probabilities be estimated by relative frequencies? How can probabilities be computed if events are equally likely


2)      Although we learn a good deal about probability in this course, the main emphasis is on statistics. Write a few paragraphs in which you talk about the distinction between probability and statistics. In what types of problems would probability be the main tool? In what types of problems would statistics be the main tool? Give some examples of both types of problems. What kinds of outcomes or conclusions do we expect from each type of problem?


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